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  • Spice India - Indian Restaurant - in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Spice India - Indian Restaurant - in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City


Fascinated with how to make naan bread the right way


Indian bread is also one of the traditional Indian dishes that you cannot ignore because of the unique flavor that they bring.

Anyone who comes to India for the first time is surprised at the abundance of cuisine here. Especially naan bread - A traditional dish of India, eaten once is remembered forever. But not everyone has the opportunity to go to a remote Indian country to enjoy. Then read this article now, because you will find the place to bring you naan bread offline.

The story of making naan bread

Naan bread is a type of bread from the Middle East of India, originally it was just a cake in a kitchen area. Simply from the processing materials to the way of making that cake brings a unique delicious taste. So, gradually leading it to develop to become an indispensable traditional cake of the people here.

How to make Indian Naan bread

Also called bread, but naan bread is completely different from Vietnamese bread. If traditional Vietnamese bread only needs a small amount of flour, the bread will bloom evenly, spongy, the naan bread is thicker, more flexible and more flour. And if Vietnamese bread needs to go through the baking process in the oven, the naan bread only needs a non-stick pan to prepare.

Making Indian Naan bread is not as difficult as you think!

Simple, easy to make, easy to combine with many types of dishes. The method of making naan is quite similar to the way of making Vietnamese donuts, but the cake is thicker and does not need to be fried through oil like donuts so it does not get sick and is also healthier. Naan cake after finishing will look a little rough, thick white. When eating, you will see soft, fragrant pie.

Naan bread is a famous type of bread in India

Suggest some dishes with naan bread

To make the cake more strange and attractive, you can prepare it to eat with some other foods such as:

1. Making ham sandwiches naan

Naan has a light taste, so when you enjoy it, you can combine some salty processed foods like meat. Making pates and burgers will make naan bread more flavorful.

Naan bread can be combined with many things

2. Making vegetarian naan sandwiches

Diverse in processing methods, naan bread is also an attractive dish in your vegetarian menu. Just a few slices of tomatoes, a bit of herbs,…. sandwiched in the middle is an attractive sandwich for you.

Of course indispensable vegetarian bread

3. Naan bread with cheese

Cheese is combined in many types of cakes, dishes like pizza, ... so it is not strange that naan bread can combine perfectly with cheese to become a favorite dish of many people.

Indulge in a traditional Indian treat once

4. Naan bread served with soup

Although naan bread has good flexibility, it is still a dry bread that makes many people find it hard to swallow, do not want to enjoy. If so, you can combine with chicken soup, seafood soup, ... to taste and also easier to eat.

Above are some naan bread strokes and extremely simple instructions for making bread. Go to the kitchen and treat the whole Indian specialties!

You will remember the taste forever!

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