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  • Spice India - Indian Restaurant - in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Spice India - Indian Restaurant - in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City


The best desserts of Spice India Restaurant in VietNam


You are a huge fan of sweetness. So what are you waiting for? Let's try the delicious and unique Indian desserts at Spice India Restaurant right now!

Are you an Indian tourist travelling to Vietnam and suddenly craving for a taste of your home country or are you just a 'greedy' diners who want to try something new?

Let's follow us to Spice India Restaurant - BuiVien Indian Restaurant - where your tongue will be sublimated by the quintessence of Indian cuisine.

Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine


For a long time ago, Indian cuisine used quite a lot of butter and was combined with other ingredients to create dishes. One of the special sweet desserts of this country is Kheer. This rice pudding have many different ways of calling in India depending on the regions,it can be Kheer, Phirni or Payasam.

At Bui Vien Indian restaurant, we often make Kheer with rice with milk, sugar, then decoration with saffron, dried fruits, cardamom and nuts.

Delicious rice pudding Kheer

Delicious rice pudding Kheer


Gulab Jamun is a dish imported to the Indians by the Persians (Iran) by trade and has become an indispensable part of indigenous cuisine. Spice India Restaurant's Gulab Jamun is made from Khoya - a traditional fresh butter in India. Fresh, thick, greasy butter will be rolled into balls, deep fried in a pan of boiling oil and dipped in molten sugar syrup, (depending on customers, choose saffron and rose to add).

Crispy and sweetie milk pancake

Crispy and sweetie milk pancake 


Gajar halwa is a sweet dish that has been popular in society since the time of King Mughal, present in the culture of both Hindus and Muslims. This is a pale carrot cake made from grated carrots, simmered in a mixture of liquid milk and spices until they turn into a creamy pudding-texture. The stewed carrot is finished will be fried with ghee butter and topped with sugar. Eventually this mixture will taste like green cardamom, pistachios and sometimes you can add a bit of raisins, served with greasy vanilla ice cream.

If you want to enjoy Gajar - one of the most delicious and popular desserts in India, let's go to Bui Vien Indian restaurant!

ndian stew carrot cake is delicious and eye-catching

Indian stew carrot cake is delicious and eye-catching


Lassi is a popular drink of Spice India. Listening to the name is a bit strange at first, but Lassi is simply just yogurt (fermented goat milk) mixed with fruit juice such as pear, peach, apple, pineapple ... or pureed fruits such as mango, banana, strawberry, kiwi ... In addition, there are some strange types of lassi that are added rose water, cardamom, cinnamon, mint or other typical flavors of Eastern Asia.

Beside, Indian fruit lassi there are plain lassi (unsweetened yogurt), salt lassi (salty lassi), sweet lassi (sugary yogurt).

Colorful lassi drinks

Colorful lassi drinks


In a tropical country like Vietnam, there is nothing better than quenching your thirst with a glass of Masala Lassi at Bui Vien Indian restaurant. This North Indian drink is a favorite of many people and it has many different ways of mixing. The taste of a drink can vary depending on the taste of each person. Masala Lassi is a great recipe for a lassi salty that both energizes and refreshes your body on a hot afternoon. This recipe is easy to make with all the basic ingredients available in your kitchen such as curd or yogurt, dried ginger, green chillies, dill powder, red chili powder, black salt, table salt and mint leaves.

Masala lassi is suitable for hot weather

Masala lassi is suitable for hot weather

Masala Lassi is a simple drink that is easy to make and tastes better when you drink cold or drink with ice cubes.Spice India Restaurant is sure that this drink will satisfy both children and adults with weirdo  spicy salty taste. This is a perfect non-alcoholic drink to serve at parties, picnics, lunches or buffet because it contains so many good ingredients to help relieve the symptoms of indigestion, flatulence and also helps increase Strengthen your immune system and improve your bones

If you have never enjoyed this drink before, come to Bui Vien Indian restaurant to sip a Masala with family and friends!

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