Spice India - Indian Restaurant - in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

100/2A1 Tran Hung Dao str, Pham Ngu Lao ward, Dist. 1, HCM

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  • Spice India - Indian Restaurant - in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Spice India - Indian Restaurant - in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City


What's "HOT" in Spice India


Saigon is not short of traditional and modern Indian cuisine restaurants, which is both delicious and affordable. But only Spice India Bui Vien below always "gets" customers thanks to its attractive food and top quality service.

Spice India has something "HOT" that attracts hundreds of customers when coming to Bui Vien

The restaurant has the best view in Saigon

Spice India is located in West Bui Vien Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, which is very bustling and has many tourists coming here. The restaurant has a warm atmosphere that is not "mixed" without being mixed when located in the bustling street of Bui Vien, suitable for entertaining guests, dining with family and friends. or even dating in an extremely warm space.

The restaurant has a warm space Spice India

The first eye-catching feature at Spice India Restaurant is the friendly and close space layout which makes customers feel comfortable as if they are enjoying their family meal. Not only get points by the opposite view, India Food Restaurant eat points because this is the place for you to taste the true traditional Indian cuisine.

The space at Indian restaurant makes diners more delicious

The delicious food not to be missed

The quality of food at India Food deserves to be among the best Indian restaurants in Saigon. Coming here, you cannot ignore Indian-flavored dishes such as Indian curry, Biryani rice, chicken dishes, especially Dosa and vegetarian dishes.

The orthodox dishes are extremely unique

Each dish is made with fresh, fresh ingredients, imported from quality and prestige sources to ensure the health and food safety for customers. The dishes at Indian restaurants are processed by genuine chefs, carefully cared for and decorated beautifully, showing that Spice India Bui Vien is a high-class restaurant.

The quintessence of Indian cuisine converges at Spice India

With hundreds of different drinks and even Indian drinks, Bui Vien India Restaurant is the perfect place for Indian travelers to enjoy traditional dishes while traveling or working and living in Vietnam. Moreover, the restaurant is also suitable for important occasions such as family gatherings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Bring your people here to dispel the memory of your homeland!

Attractive dishes are only available at Indian Restaurants

Thoughtful dining is only available at Spice India

At Spice India Saigon is located in the Bui Vien walking street. Here, customers will be served traditional Indian dishes for Indian customers and Vietnamese love Muslim dishes. A special feature of service style at this restaurant is always creating a private and friendly space for customers. Diners are also quite satisfied with taking advantage of the space suitable for the mood and food and drinks served on the banquet table.

Style dedicated service, thoughtful

Another highlight is that the cuisine at the Indian cuisine restaurant is served by Indian staff, which creates a feeling of closeness and understanding of the gourmets, and especially to the visitors. from Bollywood country. The enthusiasm and dedicated service have made this place very good impression in the eyes of customers.

Enjoy traditional Indian food at competitive prices

Have you ever searched for a cheap Indian food restaurant with a clean space and a serene staff and wondered where is the right place? So stop by our Spice India Saigon Restaurant once if you have the opportunity to come to Vietnam. Here, customers will enjoy traditional and modern homeland dishes that have a very different flavor that you cannot find anywhere else.

Spice India Restaurant is pleased to serve you!

And even more amazing, it is the food and drinks here are made from high quality ingredients, but still ensure the price is always stable compared to the common ground. All the best services are gathered at the quintessence of Indian cuisine Spice India Bui Vien.

Indian Restaurant - Bui Vien in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. 

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